Studying French

You are an exchange student...

...And you need to improve your French level to attend classes (level B2 is usually recommended).

In order to make integration at AMU easier, FLE (français langue étrangère – French as a foreign language) refresher courses are available at the department where you will be studying (intensive FLE classes before or during your study period at AMU, terms differ depending on the department). Make enquiries at your contact at the International Relations Office of AMU.

You are coming to Aix-Marseille University to study French as an individual candidate (not as part of an exchange):

The SUFLE (Service Universitaire de Français Langue Étrangère – the University’s Department of French as a Foreign Language) offers many courses depending on your requirements and level (beginner, intermediate or advanced): short courses, one semester or year-long courses, summer classes, preparation for DELF and DALF diplomas and the TCF exam.

The SUFLE is based in Aix-en-Provence. You can find all the information you need on their website.