Programmes partially or totally taught in English

Arts, Letters, Human and Social Sciences

- Bachelor degree in English Language, Litterature and Civilisation (information in french only)

- Bachelor degree in History of Art and Archeology (information in french only)

- Master en archéologie maritime et littorale / Master of Maritimeand Coastal Archeology (partially taught in English)

Law and Political Science


- Modules open to exchange students


- DESU de Droit Européen des Affaires - LL.M. in European Business Law

- Master 1 Droit international et européen (International and European Law) : 1 course in English : Common Law systems

Economics and Management (Faculty of Economicsand Management)


- Courses taught in english

- Courses open to international students (selection of courses taught in french and english)


- Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management - International Track (International Program in Business and Economics - IBPE)

- Master Business Law and Economics (2 routes)

- Master Aix-Marseille School of Economics - AMSE (several specialities)

- Fast Track: Advanced Studies in Economics

Management (IAE) : website of IAE (AMU's business school)

MSc Management
MSc 1st year: General Management (French or English track)
MSc 2nd year: 2 out of 9 specialities are full English tracks: International business and International finance
MSc 2nd year: General Management. Depending on in-coming students, the programme may either be proposed in French (French Track) or with full English tuition (English Track).

International double degrees
Master of Global Innovation Management, MGIM
International Master in Management of Information Technology, IMMIT

Executive specific programmes - MBA
Executive MBA Fast Track or Part time
EuroMBA (Blended Learning)

Master in Business Administration

Research Master (most courses are taught in English)


- Master SPaCE in Astrophysics

- Erasmus Mundus Master ''Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion' "MESC"  (not open to students in exchange programmes)

- Master 2 Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Particle Physics and Astrophysics - P3TMA

- Master 2 Physique Spécialité Sciences de la fusion. Courses in English are possible.

- POESII (Photonics, Optics Electromagnetism, Systems, Imaging and Instrumentation)

- Erasmus Mundus Master Course (EMMC) EUROPHOTONICS  (not open to students in exchange programmes)

- Master 2 - Biotechnology for Sustainable Development (BIODEV)

- Master - CHIROmast

- Neuroscience Master's Program (2 scientific seminars (2-3 days each, Oct. and Nov. ; Supervised research project-Fall semester ;Problem-Based Learning module -March-April)

- Immunology & Development Master's program Pathophysiology of the immune system-usually 1 week in Dec.; Stability and Genomic Instability -usually 1 week in Dec.; Stem cells -usually 1 week in March Imaging and microscopy -usually 1 week in March)

- Neuroscience PhD program