International degree seeking students

If you want to study at the AMU and you are not part of an exchange programme:

If you are an international student and you come to AMU outside of exchange programmes, you must follow certain procedures, depending on your home country.

Foreign applicants wishing to enrol at a French university must provide evidence of a high enough level of French to be able to follow a course efficiently. If you are not from a French speaking country, you need to certify successful achievement of level B2 or equivalent in a French language test. NB: some departments recommend a higher level of language – C1. This is the case with literature, human sciences and law. Make enquiries at the department you wish to study at.

You will find a description of the procedures you need to follow, depending on your situation (European/non-European citizens, French residents or residents abroad) and your level of studies on the website of the University’s Registry Office.

We remind you that as our university is a member of Campus France, international students living in one of the countries which follows the CEF procedure must apply to our university through their local Espace Campus France (www.”nameofcountry” before the 31st January.



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