Languages courses

You need to improve your French language?

You want to come to AMU to learn French or you need to improve your French before entering a faculty in AMU? You could go to the SUFLE (Service Universitaire de Français Langue Etrangère).

You will find all the information on the SUFLE's website. You can download here their brochure.

You need to improve your skills in a foreign language?

AMU has several language centers where you can attend some courses or study by yourself:

For everybody in AMU (staff, teachers, researchers, students), the MIRREL (Maison Interdisciplinaire des Ressources et Recherches En Langues) can help you to improve your language skills or discover another language. Further information on the Centre d'Apprentissage et de Ressources en Langues of the MIRREL on the document you can download here.

Courses of Chinese and Japanese (for peopole who are not enrolled in Chinese Studies or Japanese Studies)

Courses of Chinese and Japanese for non-specialists are open to the students, it is strongly advised to attend them if you want to apply for an exchange programme in China, Taiwan or Japan. These courses are also open to everybody in AMU (administrative staff, teachers, researchers...)

Official Language Tests

Be careful, if you are a student and want to get a mobility, some universities want you to get an official language test. According to your deadlines, you need to pay attention to the sessions organised nearby and the time to get the results.